About Me…

M.C. Grinsfelder

I am brother, son, and friend.

I am Highlands, living my day to day life.

I am green, the color of nature and the soccer field.

I am happy, smiling every day, all day

I am rocky road, a combination of rich chocolate and creamy marshmallows.

I am surfing, riding smoothly along the blue and green waves.

I am visual, taking in wonderful information through my eyes.

I am hugs, squeezing my love into others.

I am melody, finding the melody in every song.

I am action and adventure, unable to pull my eyes away from my book.

I am quietness, trying to be places where it is silent.

I am Christian, following the Lord until the end.

I am M.C. Grinsfelder

3 thoughts on “About Me…

  1. Matthew,
    This is an excellent piece of writing. I like the way you connected the color green to nature and the soccer field. Great job!

    -Spencer R

  2. Oh my god. You are amazing at this and obviously been a member longer than I have. I also love the way you put the work of poetry in here!!!

    I would rate this 100/100 stars!!!

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