Blood Rain

Stories from Rwanda

This is week 4 of our Blogging Challenge and the challenge is,  take it to the next level, “Make it Global.”


The Problem:

Millions of Rwandan people lack accses to safe drinking water causeing sickness and desease.


What Blood Water Mission is doing:

They are building water tanks and running water faucets so that the Rwandan people have enough to drink.


How We Can Help:

Join the 40 Day Water Campain at Blood Water Mission and drink your own water! From February 22nd through April 7th, forget the morning coffee and soda at lunch and drink only water. Save the money. Take the challenge and donate the money that you would have spent to the safe water in Africa. How can you help?

“I am very happy now because of this water tank. Today I and my family have water to drink, to cook and to wash without going to the lake. I used to walk from 6 am to 4 pm and come back with 20 liters of water which was not enough for my family. But, now with this tank available here, we have access to 80 liters a day and I can find time to work for my family.”

For even more information, go to Blood Water Mission

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