The Student Blogging Challenge has been a joy to take part in. I enjoyed it while learning all about blogging and writing. I enjoyed most of the activities we did, but some were a little bit time consuming and boring. It was amazing that we could comment on other blogs around the world! The younger kids should have a class room blog because I think it is a little to complicated for them to have their own blog. But you should definitely do it next year! It was great!

A-Z Work Poster

This week is week 6 of the Student Blogging Challenge. We had to make an A-Z work poster.

A- Assassin

B- Banker

C- Cab Driver

D- Doctor

E- Engineer

F- Fireman

G- Gardener

H- Hacker

I- Illustrator

J- Jokey

K- King

L- Liberian

M- Musician

N- News Reporter

O- Oner Pannier

P- Politician

Q- Quoter

R- Racer

S- Soldier

T- Technician

U- Undertaker

V- Veterinarian

W- Wingman

X- Xylophonist

Y- Yacht Driver

Z- Zoo Keeper